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Food Day 2014!

Food day is almost here! The Food Day celebration will be Friday 10/24. Have anything planned? Nothing yet? That is okay! There is plenty of time and I have some easy and fun ideas for you! First what is Food Day anyway? “Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies…thousands of events


Playing With Fire (Ants): A Saga and Recipe

The first time I was attacked by fire ants was 20 years ago while visiting friends in Texas. We were checking out a tarantula that we discovered at the base of a telephone pole, and as if that wasn’t crazy enough, all of a sudden it felt as if my feet were literally on fire. I looked

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Wonder Wednesday 24: UpCycled Seed Starter Pots

It’s Wonder Wednesday #24!!!! Hooray!! Late August brings daydreams of fall planting  and what better way to get your fall seeds started than with these easy upcycled starter pots. Free for you and good for the earth too! And tomorrow is the official launch of the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards, double hooray!!! Two

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To Pick or Not To Pick: a mini-course in harvesting, Part 3, Storing

You now have an understanding of basic more obviously visual harvesting signs and some of the more subtle signs that come from experience. Because of your super harvesting skills, you have more produce than you can eat in a week and your friends will disown you if you bring them anymore__________(fill in the blank with

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To Pick or Not To Pick: a mini-course in harvesting, Part 2

Tuesday we covered the harvesting basics that we can control, so today let’s look at some things we can’t control, but how we can stay on top of them for great harvests. Weather: It seems that farmers and weather have been at odds since the beginning. I remember my grandpa always worrying about rain and

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To Pick or Not To Pick, That is the Question: a mini-course in harvesting

Depending on where, when, and what you planted, you are probably in the thick of, or rapidly approaching, harvest time. But how do you know whether to pick or not to pick? This is a question I have been asked A LOT. Not all plants clue us in by turning bright red like tomatoes! To set you

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10 Top Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

August 3-9 is officially the 15th annual National Farmers Market Week – as if every week isn’t farmers market week around here! To celebrate, I have a little picture tour of some of my favorite farmers market vendors and the USDA’s Top 10 reasons to shop at farmers markets. All great reasons, no ranking needed!!