Happy 3rd Birthday Gift for You!

I know I said I was on Blog-cation, but you know me! I also said I would be giving you more birthday month gifts!! Be sure to check out last week’s post for all the details and more freebies of all sorts! From coloring pages to an eBook!! Happy Wings, Worms, and Wonder 3rd Birthday!!

August Blog-cation!

Well hello!! Feels like it’s been a while! I hope y’all enjoyed the July interview and guest post series! I did! Has anyone made plans for making space for art on an upcoming vacation, created an herbal honey infusion, or looked into becoming a backyard beekeeper? Let me know what inspired you most about the July Series in the

Nature Journal Tools Videos!!

Today kicks off my Video Series on Tools for Nature Journaling!!! I want to help set you up for success so I tried to tackle all the questions about the staple supplies that someone new to nature journaling might have or someone that didn’t spend years in art school and working at art supply stores

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 3!!!

Welcome to Day 3 of the Blog Hop!! Today we hop over to the Trillium Montessori Blog by Seemi Abdullah! I am completely thrilled to introduce Seemi because she is a true powerhouse of action. From running a school, to creating an amazing line of Montessori Primary 3 part card materials on every subject you

Prep Your School Garden for Summer NOW!!

What to do over the summer is a school gardening question I get asked from school’s everywhere. And rightfully so, it’s a big endeavor to keep a school garden alive when no one is around everyday to care for it. How big of endeavor? About 9 feet of pole beans! Remember to give plants sufficient

Blog Hop Day 5!

It’s Day 5 of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature Blog Hop!!!   Today, join me in a Nature Connection Treasure Hunt! Watch the video to discover start collecting nature’s treasures! Day 5 Blog Hop Draw Yourself Back to Nature!! from Wings, Worms, and Wonder on Vimeo.   Get your Nature Connection Treasure Hunt Fun

Blog Hop: Day 1

Hello!!! Welcome to the Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse Blog Hop! Each day this week, a different blog hop artist will be posting a tutorial of their interpretation of a theme or technique that will be explored in the eCourse! AND each day each artist will be giving away a prize! From hand embellished nature

Wonder Wednesday # 31: Seven Day Sketch

Happy Wonder Wednesday #31!! This month I created a printable for you!! As spring rolls into full expression, changes happen so quickly that we miss the wonders sprouting right under our noses. Daily nature sketching is a great way to really notice how quickly seasons “spring” up! (I couldn’t resist, sorry!) In this month’s Wonder

Wonder Wednesday #30: Tiny Sprout Gardens

This winter has been more than fully expressed in many places this year, so if you live somewhere that is more white than green these days, this month’s activity goes out to you! It may be monochromatic, but you have to admit, even if you are totally over snow and ice, it is really beautiful.

More Winter = More Time! 5 Tips for Planning Your Garden

I bet more than a few of you found today’s groundhog prediction disappointing! Well, sure there may be 6 more weeks of winter, BUT couldn’t that also mean you have 6 extra weeks to plan the most awesome garden you’ve ever planted! That’s right, let’s reframe it! A good plan is the secret to super