For much of the world winter is the time to enjoy relaxing and reflecting on garden successes and challenges, but in the warm climates, winter is when vegetable gardening really ramps up! Click through to learn more about enjoying winter gardening

Seeds Swap: In Winter, Enjoy

So true!!!  For much of the world winter is the time to enjoy relaxing and reflecting on garden successes and challenges, but in the warm climates, winter is when vegetable gardening really ramps up! Southern gardeners enjoy the cooler, drier less humid temperatures and the ability to grow hearty healthy veggies, while Northern gardeners enjoy eating their fall

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3 Creativity Boosts: Art, Chocolate, and Nature

This month is super creative.   I love how in December people really embrace creativity and bringing nature inside – from lights and ribbons to trees, garlands, wreaths, and poinsettias, when we bring nature inside we fill life with inspiration! It’s all about festive holiday gifts and decorations, cooking, and celebrating the changes in nature and solstice. Have you

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Wonder Wednesday 38: Place Based Mapmaking

Happy Wonder Wednesday #38!!! October is a busy month with so many festivals and outdoor fun to be had, but I hope you’ve had a few minutes to sit quietly and enjoy the changes happening seasonally within and without as we prepare for the darker and colder months of out earthly cycle. This month, in

Nature Journaling in the Age of Montessori

You may have seen on social media over the past 2 weeks that I was a guest blogger on the Age of Montessori’s website. This is a really awesome resource for all thing Montessori and I am so honored to be a guest poster on the site! Just in case you missed it on social

Herb and Art Inspired Vlog!

Surprise!!! Today is a vlog!!!! I wanted to tell you, in person, all about my new mini eCourse the Herb Studies Workshop and give you all the details on the Still Summer Sale first hand, so I decided to make a vlog post today instead of a blog post to mix things up! I am

Herb Studies Workshop

The new Herb Studies Workshop: Paint 3 Garden Herbs eCourse opens 9/1/15 – in a smidge less than 2 weeks!!! And I’ll be giving away 2 free spots in the workshop opening week, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter (to your right by my smiling face) and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @wingswormsandwonder so

Wonder Wednesday 34: Nature Bracelets

My nephew is in summer camp at his Montessori School and almost every day they go on a nature walk to see what seasonal discoveries mother nature is offering up. (Photo credit: Ms. Danielle) Keeping a group of 2 and 3 year olds together on a nature walk in the city is quite admirable and

Art, Garden, Life: Frida in NYC

This past weekend we were in NYC for an exhibit opening my partner had 3 paintings in and were lucky enough that the opening fell within the dates of the exhibit Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life at the New York Botanical Garden. The main entry into the greenhouse exhibit. (photo credit NY Botanical Garden) I have

Getting Radical with Art & Nature

Throughout history, radical women have used the arts as a means for breaking patriarchal conditions of their societies. From botanical illustrators to nature writers and poets, the arts were deemed an acceptable reason for a lady to go out and explore the natural world alone. Fortunately, these radical women, using nature as their muse, took this acceptable reason and

Seed Swap: Look Deep Into Nature

No wonder he was a genius! Einstein truly understood the power of seeing nature, of observation, for understanding the world. When we can really see something, it can help us understand that thing’s role in the web of life, as well our role in relation. Here’s a peak at one of the Draw Yourself Back