Monarch Adaptations to the Crown (Flower)

Species families are so interesting to me. When Darwin was traveling around the world visiting islands and observing species, he noticed how different things were on the different islands. Species had adaptations evolved specifically to their individual environments. This became more clear when he was looking at islands, rather than the larger continents, because islands

When Plans Don’t Pan: Misadventures in Biodiversity

Last Saturday was 13 degrees up here in the Blue Ridge, so we decided we’d take a visit  to the Rockfish Valley Natural History Center. This satellite of the Virginia Natural History Museum is located in the historic Wintergreen Country Store building, built in 1908, and is picturesque to stop and see itself. Wintergreen Country Store,

Seed Swap: What are you doing for posterity?

If Thomas Jefferson was planting trees for us, what are we doing for 7 generations into the future? It’s a tough and important question. Are we able to give up a few comforts today for a utopian green future for posterity? Images of a distopian future are such a prevalent theme on television and in

Wonder Wednesday # 27: Winter Solstice Nature Cards

The days sure are getting short since the Winter Solstice is only 26 days a way! Have you been enjoying the increased darkness? I like to celebrate and appreciate the short day of Winter Solstice time as much as I do the long day of the Summer Solstice. There is just something so cozy about the

Fall Into Spring Gardening

As gardeners, teachers, and parents we all know that careful planning makes for smooth sailing. So that is why I bring up the topic of spring gardening in the heart of fall. Planning out the seasons of your garden is a great way to set your garden up for success. Why do you think the Farmer’s

Fall Nature Journaling

I am so excited about all the guest posts I’ve had over the past couple weeks! I hope you have enjoyed them and got some new ideas. Today I am happy to share that I now have a regular guest post slot on the blog How 2 Art Journal! The 4th week of the month

Seed Swap: Make Peace

This Seed Swap is inspired by Emma Watson’s speech at the UN this week. While it still employs the gender binary, which is problematic in my view, and had no mention of eco-feminism, racism, or classism it is a superb introductory step in the right direction for 3rd wave feminism. Great job Emma for putting

How Do You Define Your Why?

Why do I do this blog and the work  of creatively connecting people with nature? Why do you work so hard to do what you do and collaborate with me on connecting more and more people with nature? Because we love it right? Because we have to or we feel terrible. Because there is something

Do You Really Like Fall?

September 22 at 10:29 pm (EDT) is the autumnal equinox, the official beginning of fall, even though in many places it’s been quite chilly this past week. I was even wearing a wool wrap in NYC at night last weekend! So do you really like fall? Really? I know I’m in the minority, but fall is my

Seed Swap: Months vs. Moments

What can you do today to make time for a moment in nature? Share in the comments below Share pics on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder   P.S.- Did you know that Maria Montessori studied with Tagore when she was exiled in India during WWII? P.P.S. Who is Tagore? An Indian poet and progressive educator who believed education