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Underground Gardening at the Lowline

Travel always brings variables, some more exciting than others. So last week when our connecting flight in Newark home from Norway got delayed, then cancelled, then switched, then delayed again with many signs pointing to being cancelled again, we bailed on it all together and decided to instead keep the fun going and visit friends

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Inspiration from the Field: AMS 2016 & Beyond

If you’ve been on social media or read the newsletter the past week, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been living it up in Chicago at the American Montessori Society Annual Conference. It’s always a treat to get to go to the AMS conference because it is really awesome to see so many people in one


Art, Garden, Life: Frida in NYC

This past weekend we were in NYC for an exhibit opening my partner had 3 paintings in and were lucky enough that the opening fell within the dates of the exhibit Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life at the New York Botanical Garden. The main entry into the greenhouse exhibit. (photo credit NY Botanical Garden) I have

Eco Art: Connection Fueled by Creativity

Eco Art is a broad term to describe genre of art that addresses the human relationship with the earth. Eco Art or environmentally based art is not a new art niche by any means, and I have found that it is an incredibly effective tool for engaging modern students of all ages in the process

Rocks Rock!

Well, I’m back down inFlorida and though my garden seems to have fared the past month’s freezing temperatures well, the rest of my yard looks pretty apocalyptic! Depending on where you live, the winter can be excellent for gardening, touch and go, or totally non exsitent (outdoors anyway), so it can be fun this time

Wonder Wednesday #12: Connecting to Place through Scavenging

Scavenging? This month I want to get you out and exploring place because with school starting, we are all in a new place of some sort, so what better way to get to know place and each other than through a scavenger hunt!! Wonder Wednesday #12: Place-based Scavenger Hunt Research Project This isn’t your average

Hit the Road, Trail, or Creek for Summer Fun!

Nothing sparks wonder and refreshes the mind like new experiences, so wish me bon voyage because today’s post kicks off some exciting events! I grew zinnias this summer for the first time and I am hooked! So easy and so much color! I am so excited because after the HERI Homeschool Curriculum Convention finishes up

Microscopes as Art Tools? Yes!

When I was young, I really liked microscopes. I had one, a little more than a toy, but definitely made for children, that I used to have fun exploring with and making my own slides of things I found. One year when teaching full time, a classroom parent I had really wanted us to have a

Butterfly:Chrysalis :: Moth:Cocoon

To round out this scale winged mini-series, I thought I would talk about a few interesting traits and behaviors that these insects embody. One is the difference between butterflies and moths. An Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) at rest. The wingspan on this insect is about 8 inches! Did you know that butterflies create chrysalis and moths