Seed Swap: Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten, or did you never get the chance to learn? Either way, it doesn’t matter because you can learn and do anything you put your mind to, and with me here by your side, we will have you digging and reconnecting with the soil in no time!! We all have “green thumbs” deep

Let’s Build a Garden!!

Have you been wanting to build a manageable garden in your backyard or child’s school yard? Do you have a garden you built from free plans that didn’t give you the quality productive garden bed you’d hoped for? Do you want a garden bed specifically geared toward gardening with kids? This is the very garden we built

Growing Their Own in Philly: A Chat with Urbanstead’s Lisa Gaidanowicz

Today I am so psyched to introduce you to Lisa Gaidanowicz, founder of the Philly based non profit farm, Urbanstead. In a nutshell, Urbanstead “provides hands on education to youth in areas of urban and sustainable farming, growing their own food, nutrition and healthy food choices, partner with local youth organizations with a specific emphasis of

Wonder Wednesday #26: Make Nature’s Kool-Aid

When I was younger I loooooved Kool-Aid. It wasn’t until college that I sadly discovered the evilness of Kool-Aid’s ingredients and gave it up. Luckily, soon after Kool-Aid and I broke up, I took a trip to Jamaica with a friend who’s father is Jamaican. They introduced me to sorrel drink. Fast forward to my twenties when I

Food Day 2014!

Food day is almost here! The Food Day celebration will be Friday 10/24. Have anything planned? Nothing yet? That is okay! There is plenty of time and I have some easy and fun ideas for you! First what is Food Day anyway? “Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies…thousands of events

Sowing Successful Shiso! 7 Tips

So, what about sowing and growing shiso? I think it is a great idea. You should definitely put it on your list of things to grow. Perfect for home, community, and school gardens, window sills, and flower pots, shiso is a colorful way to green up your thumbs!  Sow in early spring, plant in late spring,

10 Top Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

August 3-9 is officially the 15th annual National Farmers Market Week – as if every week isn’t farmers market week around here! To celebrate, I have a little picture tour of some of my favorite farmers market vendors and the USDA’s Top 10 reasons to shop at farmers markets. All great reasons, no ranking needed!!

Terra Madre Day 2013

Terra madre 2013 is almost here! December 10th is the day and this year’s theme is saving endangered foods. I think that is a really interesting theme. Here’s what Slow Food has to say about it… “For one day, whoever and wherever you are, you can put local food in the spotlight through a myriad

Introducing New Project Kits!

What is that super fun looking project around those children’s necks? You’re about to find out! Today I have a surprise for you!! This week’s posts have been pretty link based, and on one hand I feel like I should apologize for not offering you super inspired content, but on the other, I think that

Perfectly Palatable Pumpkins!

I wish I could start off this post cheering you on to pumpkin seed sprouting activities to celebrate the fall season, but sadly that wouldn’t be setting you, or the children, up for success. Fall is harvest time for this tasty treat. Aren’t these little pie pumpkin sprouts cute?! (Photo credit I really had to