What do you think about kids and risks? It's quite the topic these days. Personally, I am all for it. Click through to learn more and get great resources for helping children navigate risk.

Seed Swap: The More Risks

What do you think about kids and risks? It’s quite the topic these days. Personally, I am all for it. After years of teaching, aunting, and befriending children and parents, I am very positive about the outcomes that pro risk parenting brings. From social, academic, and physical confidence and resiliency to improved body awareness, a good set

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Inspiration from the Field: AMS 2016 & Beyond

If you’ve been on social media or read the newsletter the past week, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been living it up in Chicago at the American Montessori Society Annual Conference. It’s always a treat to get to go to the AMS conference because it is really awesome to see so many people in one

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Seed Swap: The Sea

I love how when you go into the ocean, you are a visitor in a different world where things you’ll never understand are happening all the time and all around you while you visit. And when you walk on the beach at low tide, you are walking on the sea floor, where hours before mysterious

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Seed Swap: Focus

How true is this! The ways we “see” are so influenced by the lenses through which we look. Wouldn’t life be more fun if we kept our imagination lenses in focus a bit more of the time? Let your creative side shine in 2016!! What seeds of creativity will you let sprout this year? Let’s swap

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Seed Swap: Stillness in Nature

As 2015 winds down to a close, and life seems to start a sprint to 2016, what aspects of nature bring you peace and stillness? Do you enjoy them with friends and family, alone, or both? For me working in my garden and being in the ocean bring me ultimate peace. I’ll say it again, for your

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Bugs, Flowers, & Finding Peace in Nature

When life gets hectic or the world feels overwhelming, a little break in nature is just what we humans need. The eco-psychologists recommend it, wilderness therapists base their profession on it, doctors in Japan prescribe it, and finally many pediatricians are beginning to recommend it – parents and teachers have known to send fussy kids outside

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Seed Swap: Look Up

If you ever start to feel overwhelmed, try going outside, looking up, and breathing deeply. The other day, I was feeling bummed about being in the land of strip malls that just a few years ago was all woods. And while sitting in my car in the fairly depressing parking lot of a big box hardware

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Drawing Inspiration from Mother Nature with Emily Johnsen

Today I am really excited to introduce you to our guest poster Emily Johnsen. She is a total inspiration in so many ways, from her blog Age of Montessori to her wonder sparking enthusiastic approach to life! So I’ll be quiet and let her inspire you with her words, ideas, and photos!! Take it away Emily!! 

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Seed Swap: Nature Harmony Art

What do you think Cezanne meant by this? To me, he meant that the harmony and connection you feel while in nature is parallel or the same as the harmony and connection you feel while you are creating art, or even viewing art in certain cases. So when making art while in nature, as Cezanne often

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Connect with Creativity, Naturally

How do you creatively connect with nature? Is there even enough time in the day? Some days it seems like the answer is a giant NO! I think that making space in our lives for nature and creativity to fuel our sense of wonder is so important I came in person today! Check out today’s vlog!!!