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Seed Swap: Nature Harmony Art

What do you think Cezanne meant by this? To me, he meant that the harmony and connection you feel while in nature is parallel or the same as the harmony and connection you feel while you are creating art, or even viewing art in certain cases. So when making art while in nature, as Cezanne often

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Seed Swap: Fall Blog Hops Everywhere!!

Happy last day of summer!!! Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox, so be sure to celebrate! The day and night will be exactly equal length.   In this month’s Seed Swap post, I’m participating in another Blog Hop with April Bowles Olin! Yay! — The timing of April’s Hop was really perfect because I already planned

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Get Live on Periscope!!

Have y’all checked out Periscope yet? I know ANOTHER social media?!!! I can hardly stand it too! BUT…. I think this one might actually be really useful for you. I’m not totally committed to this, so, to see how it works for me and the Wings, Worms, and Wonder community, for the month of…   July,


Seed Swap: 8-80

“Every city should have a law of 2 words, Pedestrians First.” Gil Penalosa At the Children and Nature Network conference in April, I got to hear the most wonderful keynote by Gillermo Penalosa. He speaks on, and works with cities to make, the (often huge and drastic) changes necessary for making cities liveable, pedestrian friendly, healthy, happy,

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Seed Swap: Vote 4 Wings!

Do you love all the awesome free tips and tricks on the Wings, Worms, and Wonder blog for creatively connecting with nature through gardening and the arts? Well, I love giving them to you!! What about the workshops, consultations, eCourses, fun sheets, handmade garden accessories, nature journal prompts and resources, and of course the book

deep into nature

Seed Swap: Look Deep Into Nature

No wonder he was a genius! Einstein truly understood the power of seeing nature, of observation, for understanding the world. When we can really see something, it can help us understand that thing’s role in the web of life, as well our role in relation. Here’s a peak at one of the Draw Yourself Back

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Seed Swap: Notice What You See

How much of what you see each day do you really notice? It’s tough with the zillions of distractions constantly pulling at our senses. The things in our everyday sight lines can get easily overlooked, but those things are some of the most important o notice. The song birds in our yards, the weeds in

ghandi seed swap

Seed Swap: Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten, or did you never get the chance to learn? Either way, it doesn’t matter because you can learn and do anything you put your mind to, and with me here by your side, we will have you digging and reconnecting with the soil in no time!! We all have “green thumbs” deep

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Seed Swap: What are you doing for posterity?

If Thomas Jefferson was planting trees for us, what are we doing for 7 generations into the future? It’s a tough and important question. Are we able to give up a few comforts today for a utopian green future for posterity? Images of a distopian future are such a prevalent theme on television and in

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Seed Swap: Help Me Help You, a Blog Tour

In today’s Seed Swap post we’re going a bit of a different route. I am participating in the Blacksburg Belle Blog Tour and the topic revolves around digital products. So I ask you: In what ways can I offer you a better helping hand through digital products? There is a funny old gardening quote that goes: “My