Let's celebrate Plantain herb by making a Wings, Worms and Wonder first-aid summer salve! Click to learn more about this herb and get the easy recipe!

Wonder Wednesday 96: Plantain First Aid Salve

  Happy Wonder Wednesday! Whether you’ve been out in the streets working for justice, up in the mountains attuning with nature, chopping fresh peaches from your local farmer, or staying home creating art and staying healthy – there’s a chance you’ve gotten a cut, scrape, rash, bug bite, burn, sting, or random skin irritation. Well, never fear, faithful plantain

Whether for with your kids or students, I've prepared a list of 5 tips for keeping kids enthusiastic on the trail, saving you from tears and piggy back rides! Click through and get great ideas for successful hiking with kids!

Hiking With Kids: 5 Tips

The spring equinox passed, the season is officially here, and that means no excuses. It’s time to get outside!! After teaching for 10 years and taking students on field trips that included hikes, I know heading out on the trail and hiking with kids can be intimidating. There are so many variables!   How will the

Join the Wings, Worms, and Wonder blog hop! Click to check out the awesome nature journal tutorials!!

Day 5 Blog Hop Lisa DeYoung

I am astounded that it’s Day 5 of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature blog hop!! Time flies when you’re having fun!! Today we wrap it up by hopping over the mountain to the blog of doodler, adventurer, mountain mermaid, and art journaler Lisa DeYoung of the Mountain Mermaid!! Hop over to her blog Mountain

Ho’omaluhia. The More You Learn, the Less You Know

One of the things I most love about nature, and botany in particular, is that every time I think I really have a grasp on a group or class nature flips me on my head and shows me there is so much more to learn. Tropical botany is one of my favorite hobbies and fortunately

Wonder Wednesday #29: Ice Catchers

With winter in full swing it’s time to use the cold to our advantage!  I had a childhood friend and her family come to visit me up here in the mountains, so we had some fun creating sun catchers out of ice – a seasonal variation on a classic theme! This is a super easy, cheap,

When Plans Don’t Pan: Misadventures in Biodiversity

Last Saturday was 13 degrees up here in the Blue Ridge, so we decided we’d take a visit  to the Rockfish Valley Natural History Center. This satellite of the Virginia Natural History Museum is located in the historic Wintergreen Country Store building, built in 1908, and is picturesque to stop and see itself. Wintergreen Country Store,

New Year, Classic Perspectives

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, however and whatever you chose to celebrate! I am happy to be back: back up in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a month, back to bringing you all sorts of nature connection inspiration and resources, back to the beginning of the year, and back to work

The Sky is Falling!!! Let’s Make Wishes

Well, not really, but the Perseid Meteor shower is starting! This meteor shower brings back some of my fondest memories. I’ve watched it from a boat off the coast of Panama with family, on the east coast of Jamaica with best friends (that might as well be family), from the back field of a first love‘s mom’s

Seed Swap: What Keeps You Easeful, Peaceful, and Useful?

Depending on where you live, you could still have a month of summer’s slow ease or you could already be gearing up setting up your classrooms and/or buying your child’s supplies. If you’re like me and my mom friends, I bet you don’t even want to think about it!!! Can’t we slow time down a

Real Lichen Aren’t Werewolves

A couple weeks ago I was hiking with a group of people, including my sister, and I was talking about lichen, the green stuff that grows on rocks and trees, and she thought I was talking about werewolves. I was SO confused, but it turns out that there is a popular show with a species