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Inspiration from the Field: AMS 2016 & Beyond

If you’ve been on social media or read the newsletter the past week, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been living it up in Chicago at the American Montessori Society Annual Conference. It’s always a treat to get to go to the AMS conference because it is really awesome to see so many people in one

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Wonder Wednesday # 31: Seven Day Sketch

Happy Wonder Wednesday #31!! This month I created a printable for you!! As spring rolls into full expression, changes happen so quickly that we miss the wonders sprouting right under our noses. Daily nature sketching is a great way to really notice how quickly seasons “spring” up! (I couldn’t resist, sorry!) In this month’s Wonder

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Stop the Storm: 5 Step Quick Nature Break

It’s been a whirlwind of a week traveling half way around the world, massive jet lag, Florida freezes, teaching 3 great workshops and 2 more  this upcoming week, sending my partner Sean off to paint a mural in a snowstorm in Boston, and the general chaos of getting reorganized after basically being out of town

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Wonder Wednesday #29: Ice Catchers

With winter in full swing it’s time to use the cold to our advantage!  I had a childhood friend and her family come to visit me up here in the mountains, so we had some fun creating sun catchers out of ice – a seasonal variation on a classic theme! This is a super easy, cheap,

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Do You Really Like Fall?

September 22 at 10:29 pm (EDT) is the autumnal equinox, the official beginning of fall, even though in many places it’s been quite chilly this past week. I was even wearing a wool wrap in NYC at night last weekend! So do you really like fall? Really? I know I’m in the minority, but fall is my

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The Nature Journal Prompt Cards Have Launched!!!

Today is the day!!! The Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards have officially launched!! What do you get in the download? 2 Intro Pages with: How To and Getting Started Info 2 Title Cards including a journaling reminder cards for children 36 Nature Journal Prompt Cards to print, cut, (and laminate if you want) Download your

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To Pick or Not To Pick: a mini-course in harvesting, Part 2

Tuesday we covered the harvesting basics that we can control, so today let’s look at some things we can’t control, but how we can stay on top of them for great harvests. Weather: It seems that farmers and weather have been at odds since the beginning. I remember my grandpa always worrying about rain and

Transitions and Transformations

Transitions can sometimes be tough and this year’s winter/spring transition has been less than smooth for many with spring being such a tease and winter lingering. So instead of resisting, how about start exploring transition itself? Transitions and transformations can be incredibly interesting if we allow them to flow around us rather than being attached

Wonder Wednesday #19: Tea for the Tufted Titmouse

Whether spring has arrived and the birds are migrating or it is still winter and birds need accessible food, this project fits the bill, or should I say beak since we’re talking songbirds! Suet teacup bird feeders are perfect additions to the garden, adding beauty, up-cycled whimsy, and function. A triple threat! Suet is a hearty food perfect

Seed Swap: If We Had No Winter…

It’s the dead of winter, or so the saying goes. How are you feeling? Have you gotten out your seed catalogues yet? Did you use last week’s download to start planning your spring garden? Are you too snowed under to even think about gardening and just want to get out and hit the slopes or