It's Wonder Wednesday 71! Click to learn how to step by step draw a damsel fly the Wings, Worms, and Wonder way!

Wonder Wednesday 71: Draw a Damsel Fly

  I had such fun teaching an insect anatomy nature journal class last week, that I thought what a great Wonder Wednesday project! Not to mention why not celebrate all the awesome summer insects flying around these days? Cicadas, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, even mosquitoes – insects are cool! The neat part of anatomy – in most


Go to Battle with Armyworms

As soon as the weather warms, everyone starts thinking about growing tomatoes. Biting straight into big juicy tomato, warm from the sun, the juice running down your chin and arm all tangy and sweet is something everyone should get to experience every year. Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are soo sweet!! Even though the weather is

Sewing and Sowing: Smooth Systems & the Art of Sophie Standing

For me, traveling really sparks creativity. All the new sights and scenes bring so many ideas for ways to improve the way I go about something or for creating new objects and systems to add value and ease to life. As part of traveling, and life in general, I see a lot of art. Some

The Wonderful World of Native Bees: Guest Post by Jamie Pawelek!

I am so happy to present this incredible guest post by Tuesday’s interviewee, bee expert and researcher, and nature photographer Jamie Pawelek. (Who also happens to make some of the most delicious vegan popsicles, sorbet, and cookies I have ever tasted! Did you not love her sorbet Bicycle market stand pic?) She has that perfect

Bee-yond Honeybees! An Interview with Jamie Pawelek

To celebrate the last week of Honeybee month I have quite a treat for you! No it’s not fresh honey, it’s better!  Today I am excited to introduce you to Jamie Pawelek, bee researcher, photographer, and nature lover! This week’s posts are a celebration of bees of all types! In this interview (and in her

A Corn Moon and a Backyard Beekeeper: Interview With Peggy Nolan

Happy full moon! This month’s featured moon is the corn moon. September’s moon gets this name because it is around the time when the corn was ready to harvest. Pretty simple, but sometimes when the autumnal equinox occurs in September this moon is also known as the full harvest moon. Will you be able to

Summer Picnics and Planting

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and was able to do at least a little bit of relaxing! Modern Labor Day is strange to me because I don’t understand why some people have off and others who actually labor very hard, like garbage men and farmers, do not. I always feel so bad

Pollinator Week

It’s National Pollinator Week and though it’s toward the official end, I wanted to pack this post full of links that you can do throughout the year because I think every week should be pollinator week! Without them we would be pretty hungry. Be sure to set aside some time to really get into the “Seeds to

New Nests

This week has been really interesting in my yard. There have been so many busy birds building their new spring nests. Yesterday, a beautiful male cardinal kept hopping on to one of my windows and looking in at me as he flittered about chipping to his partner. They were busily making a nest in the

Sharks with waterman Ryan McInnis!!

  Living at the beach in Florida, sharks are a common topic of conversation. Florida is after all the location of the second largest shark population in the world under Australia and ahead of Hawaii. Surfers come in contact with the “men in gray suits” regularly and are much less worried about their presence than the