Practice giving the task at hand full focus, even if it gets boring. Mindfully observe, draw, and revel in what follows! Try this mindful Wings, Worms, and Wonder drawing exercise for yourself!

Drawing Mindfully: A Fun Exercise

  Mindfully, is the adjective form of mindful – conscious or aware of something. In a busy life, that can be really hard! Western culture encourages us to multi task, which seems counter intuitive to the focus needed to tap into the flow of creativity. I’ve never been great at multi tasking, how about you?   Perhaps

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Fall Into Creative Nature Connection Giveaway!

Thursday is the autumnal equinox! That means fall is officially here in the northern hemisphere, even if it still feels like summer where you live! Seasonal shifts are so interesting because of the changes they bring, not just the big weather shifts or the daylight hours, but the subtle changes. Like how there are more fish in the

How can you shift the way you use your senses to connect more deeply with nature and creativity? Click to Ponder this and more on the Wings Worms,and Wonder blog!

Seed Swap: Listen Before Looking

This month’s seeds swap is getting pretty philosophical! I really liked this quote and the idea of listening before looking. Especially the idea of shifting the way we normally use our senses. How can we listen with our eyes? Well I’m not totally sure. We’ll have to reevaluate the way we define listening and looking

It's very easy to forget the joy that comes from practice in hurried daily life. Click through to get ideas from Wings, Worms, and Wonder on how the practice of practice brings peace and joy to daily life!

The Joy of Practice

In a hurried modern culture of instant gratification, it’s very easy to forget the joy that comes from practice. Not in a practice makes perfect way per say, although the only way to get really good at something is to practice, but in the fact that practice is simply a beautiful process. When we trust

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Day 5 Blog Hop Lisa DeYoung

I am astounded that it’s Day 5 of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature blog hop!! Time flies when you’re having fun!! Today we wrap it up by hopping over the mountain to the blog of doodler, adventurer, mountain mermaid, and art journaler Lisa DeYoung of the Mountain Mermaid!! Hop over to her blog Mountain

Herb and Art Inspired Vlog!

Surprise!!! Today is a vlog!!!! I wanted to tell you, in person, all about my new mini eCourse the Herb Studies Workshop and give you all the details on the Still Summer Sale first hand, so I decided to make a vlog post today instead of a blog post to mix things up! I am

Nature Journal Tools Videos!!

Today kicks off my Video Series on Tools for Nature Journaling!!! I want to help set you up for success so I tried to tackle all the questions about the staple supplies that someone new to nature journaling might have or someone that didn’t spend years in art school and working at art supply stores

Blog Hop Day 4! Kiala Givehand

Today we join the creative powerhouse Kiala Givehand of Giving Hands Creative on her blog for a Blog Hop Day 4 activity on journaling inspired by edibles!! Journaling and food? What a combo!! And Kiala will be giving away a nature journal supply kit created by her especially for creative journaling outside on the go! Super fun!! So head to her blog

Blog Hop Day 3!! Grace Howes

Today we join the wonderful Grace Howes of Red Barn Studios on her blog for a Blog Hop Day 3 activity on patterns in nature!! And Grace will be giving away one of her gorgeous hand bound journals created especially for nature journaling! Can you believe it?! So head to her blog here and be sure to comment on your

She’s Alive! Blog Hopping & Nature Journaling

In this crazy cyber world we live in part of the time, it sure is nice to see people in person. So this week, I made you a vlog post!!! Check it out!!   Wings Worms and Wonder Blog Hop from Wings, Worms, and Wonder on Vimeo. I am so super excited about the upcoming Draw