Bee the Change: An Interview with Justin of Stubbees!

I thought it would be fun to shake things up this summer, so this month there’s something different going on here at the blog! All year you listen to me, so instead, this post kicks of a month of interviews and guest posts from people I admire on topics I think you are going to

Transitions and Transformations

Transitions can sometimes be tough and this year’s winter/spring transition has been less than smooth for many with spring being such a tease and winter lingering. So instead of resisting, how about start exploring transition itself? Transitions and transformations can be incredibly interesting if we allow them to flow around us rather than being attached

Seed Swap: Bees and Sunbeams

Check out the pollen sacks on that lady! (Too sexist? I know, I just couldn’t resist) This month I have been hyper focusing on bees. I let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago and told y’all about my children’s book publishing contracts, but didn’t let on any details, well children’s book

The Wonderful World of Native Bees: Guest Post by Jamie Pawelek!

I am so happy to present this incredible guest post by Tuesday’s interviewee, bee expert and researcher, and nature photographer Jamie Pawelek. (Who also happens to make some of the most delicious vegan popsicles, sorbet, and cookies I have ever tasted! Did you not love her sorbet Bicycle market stand pic?) She has that perfect

Bee-yond Honeybees! An Interview with Jamie Pawelek

To celebrate the last week of Honeybee month I have quite a treat for you! No it’s not fresh honey, it’s better!  Today I am excited to introduce you to Jamie Pawelek, bee researcher, photographer, and nature lover! This week’s posts are a celebration of bees of all types! In this interview (and in her

Pollinator Week

It’s National Pollinator Week and though it’s toward the official end, I wanted to pack this post full of links that you can do throughout the year because I think every week should be pollinator week! Without them we would be pretty hungry. Be sure to set aside some time to really get into the “Seeds to

A Feast of February Flowers

Pretty peas I guess y’all have discovered by now how much I like alliteration. I just can’t resist it! I’ve been adjusting to life back at the beach and trying not to miss my mountains even though I love the beach too. One of the best things, in my opinion about late winter in North