Wonder Wednesday #6: Civilization Exploration and Letterboxing

In celebration of six (I can’t believe it!!) months of Wonder Wednesdays, I am excited to present this super fun lesson plan for letterboxing with your students created by yesterday’s interviewee Samantha Hutchinson, Place-based scholar and teacher extraordinaire. If you missed it, catch-up in a jiff here. SO let’s get to it! Thanks Sam!!! Photo credit

Interview! Samantha Hutchinson- Connection and Place in the Ozarks

  Developing a strong connection to place during childhood is incredibly important for raising children who grow into adults that are invested in both their communities and their natural world. Progressive educators recognize that place-based education not only fills environmental education’s curricular gaps, but also doesn’t carry the stigma of environmental advocacy biases. Basically, it

Wings, Worms, and Cage Matches: The Ecohyphen Podcast is out!

  I am so excited to announce that the Ecohyphen podcast is out! This is a really funny podcast created by some really smart environmentalists that you are going to be sure to love- especially this week because it features me! (Now is when you discover my modesty!) So give it a listen and have