Beauty Before Books: 5 Tricks for a Beautiful Classroom

All the greats say it in some form. Montessori, Dewey, Steiner, Ferrer, first inspire the students’ learning through beauty. Leave the books for later, or in some cases, never. Whether it be the beauty of the learning environment, the inner and outer beauty of the teacher, the beauty of the surrounding natural world, or the beauty of

EE Week- Approach it Through the Lens of Food

As EE Week and Earth Day rapidly approach, have you decided how you will present ecoiliteracy in inspiring developmentally appropriate ways that steer clear of “saving” things and Ecophobia? How about through the lens of food? What better way to connect children to place and the Earth than through their stomachs! Nourish is a non-profit

Ecoliterate or Ecophobic? Musings on the new book Ecoliterate

For the past month, the new book Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence, authored by Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett, and Zenobia Barlow (and published by the Center for Ecoliteracy), has been quite a hot topic and is receiving a lot of praise from many sources – which on many levels it deserves. The book