Prep Your School Garden for Summer NOW!!

What to do over the summer is a school gardening question I get asked from school’s everywhere. And rightfully so, it’s a big endeavor to keep a school garden alive when no one is around everyday to care for it. How big of endeavor? About 9 feet of pole beans! Remember to give plants sufficient

Voulez-Vous Couchez avec moi dans le Jardin? (or reasons to cover crop)

Now now! Get your mind back into the garden! While all y’all norther gardeners are gearing up for the big season, in the deep south exhausted gardeners are looking forward to a break! And chance to bed down with whoever they like, once their gardens are put to bed that is! ¬†Going to bed with

Wonder Wednesday #9: Putting your School Garden Beds to Bed – Cover Cropping

When introducing children to the school or community garden beds and teaching them the names of the garden areas, I always ask them if these are beds you sleep in. The older children think I’m corny and roll their eyes while quietly chuckling and the younger children take the question seriously and answer no, but