Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the blog hop!!! It’s the final day and Registration is open for the self paced versions of Draw Yourself Back to Nature, Connecting with Color, and the Bundle special!!! Buy Now Kelly here! Haven’t the hoppers been wonderful? I find each of them very inspiring and I love how they


Bundle Up This Summer!

Happy almost officially summer!! The solstice is one week away (the 21st) and that means long days, lightning bugs, cool watermelons, and tons of laid back fun! So in the spirit of summer ease, you can guess that I am super excited to announce that the Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse is opening up a

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Seed Swap: Vote 4 Wings!

Do you love all the awesome free tips and tricks on the Wings, Worms, and Wonder blog for creatively connecting with nature through gardening and the arts? Well, I love giving them to you!! What about the workshops, consultations, eCourses, fun sheets, handmade garden accessories, nature journal prompts and resources, and of course the book