Click for Wonder Wednesday ideas for getting cozy and making your own Spiced Solstice drink - right from the tropics to warm you up!

Wonder Wednesday 76: Solstice, Snails, and Spice

  Well, here we are again! The Winter Solstice is upon us, encouraging us to cozy up – whether we have snow falling or sunshine! In this last Wonder Wednesday of the year, I offer you a few ideas for getting cozy, celebrating, and making your own Spiced Solstice drink – right from the tropics to warm

Beautiful Biodiversity

Hiking in the mountain woods has really gotten me thinking about he importance of biodiversity. Not that I don’t always think it is important, of course! Yesterday I saw 4 types of moss and 2 types of lichen growing on one small area of a rock. Amazing. I can’t get enough of these moss and

No Matter What, Keep It Hands-on

“Hands-on experience at the critical time, not systematic knowledge, is what counts in the making of a naturalist. Better to be an untutored savage for a while, not to know the names or the anatomical detail. Better to spend long stretches of time just searching and dreaming.” E.O. Wilson, Professor, Biologist, and Entemologist, Harvard University

A Future of Green Thumbs or Brown Thumbs?

The perception of having a green or brown thumb may likely be a learned pattern of thinking that stems back to youth, not a just a genetic gift.  All humans are born with a tendency for a green thumb, with a naturalist intelligence.  It is an evolutionary survival tool or “a nature given intellectual culture