Citrus Season tradition, stories, and inspired gifts to brighten your days! Click here for the Wings, Worms, and Wonder scoop on citrus!

Citrus Season: Traditions, Stories, and Treats!

  I am so excited because we are finally on the eve of citrus season! Citrus has a long history of symbolism and tradition, as well as nutrition and medicine. This cheerful bright fruit inspired humans and lit up the winter months for centuries. (A gorgeous illustration that’s lit up our lives for decades from

The last month of the year we work to tie up loose ends and accomplish outstanding goals. Click to check out new creative completion inspiration!

New Nature Inspiration!

  As we enter into the last month of the year, we work to tie up loose ends and accomplish our outstanding goals for the year. This month, I am super excited to share the goals I finally finished - and I hope you like them and maybe consider gifting some to yourself or your


Give Nature for the Holidays

Last week’s Give Nature for the Holidays live hour was great and it’s always fun to be able to give gifts! I know daytime is tough for some people, so due to popular request, today’s post includes the video replay! I was going to make a list, but I thought getting to explain the ideas


Pressed for Flowers: A Review and Giveaway!

Do you ever come across the conundrum of wanting to collage flowers, but not having any on hand? Or what about looking up something in an old book and a bunch of flowers or leaves fall out that you intended to make something with, but then forgot about? I’ve always wanted a flower press, but never

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August Blog-cation!

Well hello!! Feels like it’s been a while! I hope y’all enjoyed the July interview and guest post series! I did! Has anyone made plans for making space for art on an upcoming vacation, created an herbal honey infusion, or looked into becoming a backyard beekeeper? Let me know what inspired you most about the July Series in the

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Seed Swap: What Keeps You Easeful, Peaceful, and Useful?

Depending on where you live, you could still have a month of summer’s slow ease or you could already be gearing up setting up your classrooms and/or buying your child’s supplies. If you’re like me and my mom friends, I bet you don’t even want to think about it!!! Can’t we slow time down a

Nature for the Holidays

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday today and gets a little time to get outside and enjoy nature’s bounty. I am out in the woods of central Florida camping with friends and family and celebrating what we call the autumnal-all-together-now. An all vegan holiday we reinvented that focuses on the celebration of, respect

Introducing New Project Kits!

What is that super fun looking project around those children’s necks? You’re about to find out! Today I have a surprise for you!! This week’s posts have been pretty link based, and on one hand I feel like I should apologize for not offering you super inspired content, but on the other, I think that

Eco Etsy Review!!

I am absolutely over the moon about this review. Well, it could be because it is my first review, but that aside, I am thrilled that it was conducted by Etsy’s EcoEtsy Team! What an honor! Team EcoEtsy describes themselves “As a global team of eco-minded Etsy sellers, our mission is dedicated to protecting our planet by