How can a systems understanding of feedback loops help us navigate social and ecological relationships? Click and discover with Wings, Worms, and Wonder!

Feedback Loops in Life and Nature

  Feedback?! Don’t cover your ears. I promise this type of feedback loop won’t cause hearing damage.┬áThe past 2 months I’ve been compiling my personal research around creative cognition with my professional research/work with Montessori Method and Ecological Literacy. I’m super excited to present this work in the Principles to Practice Summit in summer 2021,

Feedback, Consignment, and Have You Planted Any Seeds Yet?

I would like to extend a big thanks for all the great feedback I have received so far on the guide. I am so happy to learn that it is inspiring and useful to those who have read it so far. I wanted to share an example form a 4th grade teacher from Palm Beach