5 tips for planning

More Winter = More Time! 5 Tips for Planning Your Garden

I bet more than a few of you found today’s groundhog prediction disappointing! Well, sure there may be 6 more weeks of winter, BUT couldn’t that also mean you have 6 extra weeks to plan the most awesome garden you’ve ever planted! That’s right, let’s reframe it! A good plan is the secret to super

fall into spring graphic

Fall Into Spring Gardening

As gardeners, teachers, and parents we all know that careful┬áplanning makes for smooth sailing. So that is why I bring up the topic of spring gardening in the heart of fall. Planning out the seasons of your garden is a great way to set your garden up for success. Why do you think the Farmer’s

Signs of Spring in a Snowstorm (+ a free download for you!)

It may be February, and even though it doesn’t seem like it, spring gardens are just around the corner! It is time to start planning, designing, and securing funds. Good behind the scenes garden task planning makes for a productive garden, no matter what season it is or how long you have ben gardening. Take