How do I know when it it's time to pull a plant out of the garden? I'll help you decide when it's time to say GOODBYE with these 5 tips.

How to Know When It’s Time to GO! 5 Tips for Removing Garden Plants

One of the most frequent gardening questions I get asked by new gardeners is: “How do I know when it it’s time to pull a plant out of the garden?” And no surprise! After all your hard work, you don’t want to pull a plant too soon! Knowing why and when to pull a garden plant

Wonder Wednesday 24: UpCycled Seed Starter Pots

It’s Wonder Wednesday #24!!!! Hooray!! Late August brings daydreams of fall planting  and what better way to get your fall seeds started than with these easy upcycled starter pots. Free for you and good for the earth too! And tomorrow is the official launch of the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards, double hooray!!! Two

Seed Swap: If We Had No Winter…

It’s the dead of winter, or so the saying goes. How are you feeling? Have you gotten out your seed catalogues yet? Did you use last week’s download to start planning your spring garden? Are you too snowed under to even think about gardening and just want to get out and hit the slopes or

Composting Under the Snow Moon

Winter is a fun time to compost because you can really see the result of your labor. Well, really the labor of the microbes, but you are the one braving the cold to get out there adding and tending the pile! Winter is when you actually get to see the steam rising from your pile.

Wonder Wednesday #9: Putting your School Garden Beds to Bed – Cover Cropping

When introducing children to the school or community garden beds and teaching them the names of the garden areas, I always ask them if these are beds you sleep in. The older children think I’m corny and roll their eyes while quietly chuckling and the younger children take the question seriously and answer no, but

Sensorial Experiences

  I think that one of the most fun things to do in the garden is to create sensory exploration activities, hands down. They are so simple, yet create such as great impact on all age groups of children. I love to watch children taste an herb such as stevia and see the look of