Go to Battle with Armyworms

As soon as the weather warms, everyone starts thinking about growing tomatoes. Biting straight into big juicy tomato, warm from the sun, the juice running down your chin and arm all tangy and sweet is something everyone should get to experience every year. Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are soo sweet!! Even though the weather is

Pollinator Week

It’s National Pollinator Week and though it’s toward the official end, I wanted to pack this post full of links that you can do throughout the year because I think every week should be pollinator week! Without them we would be pretty hungry. Be sure to set aside some time to really get into the “Seeds to

Learning to See

I was recently exposed to this very interesting upcoming film project by father and son duo Robert and Jake Oelman called “Learning To See.” This film “explores photography, art, entomology, travel, and the rainforest, and its’ message goes deeper than its’ visual richness. The film asks what inspires a person to change and why it’s important to