Check out the replay of my Montessori foundation webcast give Nature for the Holidays fo rlots of green gift giving ideas that give all year!

Montessori Foundation Webcast Give Nature for the Holidays

Did you miss the live webcast? Never fear! here’s the replay! Get lots of super fun ideas on making your holiday shopping season fun, stress free, nature centric, and good for both people and planet! Give the gifts that build creative nature connections and memories that last a lifetime. The gift of your time and

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Education for Peace

  Maria Montessori lived in Italy and Europe through 2 world wars, including a Fascist regime. She knew a thing or 20 about tough times – politically, culturally, and environmentally speaking. Those challenging life experiences drove her to keep working, teaching, and striving for peace through education until her death in 1952, at age 82.

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Our New Online Home!

Surprise!! Remember how I mentioned a new website was in the works? Well, ta-dah! It’s here & I love it!! A new online homeĀ for the new year! Not, that I didn’t love my other website (or the one before that), but as we grow our needs and wants change, and that’s where I am. You

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Wonder Wednesday 41: Nature Writing

Since being in VA, I’ve been hanging around with my 3 year old nephew a lot. He’s gotten into dictating stories. About the scene above he dictated: “He’s a farmer because he’s just a farmer. He’s planting flowers in the snow. His farm is right there and he has animals. I think that’s all I

mirgating graphic

Migrating like a Monarch

“Best of all, I shall remember the monarchs…” Rachel Carson I think many would agree with Ms. Carson. Maybe monarch butterflies are so well lovedĀ because they are many people’s intro into the world of butterflies. Maybe it’s because their lifecycle seems so magically mysterious or maybe it’s simply because who doesn’t like butterflies? They eat

philly guide

Philly Folks Raise Your Hands!!! A Guide to Philly

I am super excited about my trip to Philly this upcoming weekend!!! Not only do I get to visit with some wonderful old friends, I get to teach a workshop at a public library with a children’s garden program (awesome library right?!!!), I get to attend the American Montessori Society’s annual conference (which is always

trillium Big Nature COnnections In Small Spaces by Kelly Johnson (1)

Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces

Want to create big nature connections but short on outdoor space? Get some great ideas in the post Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces I wrote for the Trillium Montessori blog!! And there’s also a freebie!!!

green thumb kids graphic

Green Thumb Little Kids

Nature connection is vital in early childhood. Not that it isn’t at all stages of life, but early childhood is the time when our naturalist intelligence is developing most strongly. It is a crucial time where many of our perceptions about nature, ourselves, and the relationship between the two manifest. It is a time where

seed swp tagore webgraphic

Seed Swap: Months vs. Moments

What can you do today to make time for a moment in nature? Share in the comments below Share pics on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder   P.S.- Did you know that Maria Montessori studied with Tagore when she was exiled in India during WWII? P.P.S. Who is Tagore? An Indian poet and progressive educator who believed education

Relax With Nature Anywhere

So I’m on this little mid atlantic book tour and things are going great so far! It is a really perfect balance of teacher, student, and community workshops. Stellar right? Who wouldn’t relax?! This is my view of the East River from our place in Dumbo (Brooklyn, more on that in a minute, but I