3 journal making tutorials from my World of Wonder conference presentation! Click to learn how to make 3 easy and fun journal styles the Wings, Worms, and Wonder way!

World of Wonder

  The World of Wonder Conference in Chicago last week was simply fantastic! I got so much inspiration and so many ideas I can’t wait to share them here. It was also so wonder-ful to meet so many awesome people working everyday to keep humans and nature connected in so many unique, mindful, fun ways.

Draw Yourself Back to Nature is Official!

It’s Official!!!  My Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse will be starting May 4!!! I am so excited to be able to offer this awesome journey to nature connection through creativity! My in person nature journaling workshops have been so well received, I thought why not create an experience with people all over the world!?! Isn’t

Green Thumb Little Kids

Nature connection is vital in early childhood. Not that it isn’t at all stages of life, but early childhood is the time when our naturalist intelligence is developing most strongly. It is a crucial time where many of our perceptions about nature, ourselves, and the relationship between the two manifest. It is a time where