August Blog-cation!

Well hello!! Feels like it’s been a while! I hope y’all enjoyed the July interview and guest post series! I did! Has anyone made plans for making space for art on an upcoming vacation, created an herbal honey infusion, or looked into becoming a backyard beekeeper? Let me know what inspired you most about the July Series in the

Nature Journal Tools Videos!!

Today kicks off my Video Series on Tools for Nature Journaling!!! I want to help set you up for success so I tried to tackle all the questions about the staple supplies that someone new to nature journaling might have or someone that didn’t spend years in art school and working at art supply stores

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 4

Welcome to the blog hop Day 4!! Today is a special treat for all you school and children’s gardeners out there! Let me introduce you to Rob Terry of the blog and actual garden, The Garden at Oswegatchie School! Rob and his wife Cynthia, the school’s librarian, run a really fantastic school garden program that

Getting Radical with Art & Nature

Throughout history, radical women have used the arts as a means for breaking patriarchal conditions of their societies. From botanical illustrators to nature writers and poets, the arts were deemed an acceptable reason for a lady to go out and explore the natural world alone. Fortunately, these radical women, using nature as their muse, took this acceptable reason and

Migrating like a Monarch

“Best of all, I shall remember the monarchs…” Rachel Carson I think many would agree with Ms. Carson. Maybe monarch butterflies are so well loved because they are many people’s intro into the world of butterflies. Maybe it’s because their lifecycle seems so magically mysterious or maybe it’s simply because who doesn’t like butterflies? They eat

Blog Hop Day 4! Kiala Givehand

Today we join the creative powerhouse Kiala Givehand of Giving Hands Creative on her blog for a Blog Hop Day 4 activity on journaling inspired by edibles!! Journaling and food? What a combo!! And Kiala will be giving away a nature journal supply kit created by her especially for creative journaling outside on the go! Super fun!! So head to her blog

Blog Hop Day 3!! Grace Howes

Today we join the wonderful Grace Howes of Red Barn Studios on her blog for a Blog Hop Day 3 activity on patterns in nature!! And Grace will be giving away one of her gorgeous hand bound journals created especially for nature journaling! Can you believe it?! So head to her blog here and be sure to comment on your

She’s Alive! Blog Hopping & Nature Journaling

In this crazy cyber world we live in part of the time, it sure is nice to see people in person. So this week, I made you a vlog post!!! Check it out!!   Wings Worms and Wonder Blog Hop from Wings, Worms, and Wonder on Vimeo. I am so super excited about the upcoming Draw

Stop and Draw the Roses

I’m a chatty person for sure, but I’m not one to wrangle people into things. I figure if people want to do something they hear about, they will just do it. But I am learning, that’s not always the case. Life gets busy and we forget, other more pressing things we need to do shift

Wonder Wednesday # 31: Seven Day Sketch

Happy Wonder Wednesday #31!! This month I created a printable for you!! As spring rolls into full expression, changes happen so quickly that we miss the wonders sprouting right under our noses. Daily nature sketching is a great way to really notice how quickly seasons “spring” up! (I couldn’t resist, sorry!) In this month’s Wonder