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Spring Cleaning: 5 Ideas for Renewal

Did you hear spring cleaning and think I was going to make you clean out your garden shed, mop under the bed, or start a meditation practice? Don’t worry! I’m not, unless you want to of course and any, or all, of those 3 things would be awesome! Since spring is in full swing, and it

Wonder Wednesday 37: Leaf Nature Journals

Happy Wonder Wednesday! In this month’s lesson to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the upcoming fall facilitated session of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse and upcoming Blog Hop, we’re making nature journals in the shape of leaves! You could use these as fall nature journals, as booklets for leaf shape botany work,

Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces

Want to create big nature connections but short on outdoor space? Get some great ideas in the post Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces I wrote for the Trillium Montessori blog!! And there’s also a freebie!!!

Wonder Wednesday #11-Writing With Your Senses, Activity by Joanna Tebbs Young!

ACTIVITY: “Writing With Your Senses” Yesterday’s guest blog post by Joanna Tebbs Young on the benefits of nature journaling (and journaling in genera) was fantastic and really inspiring! Now here she provides us with a sensory journaling activity that you can do with the children n your life! Thanks Joanna! You really make me want

Journaling and Children: It’s a natural fit by Joanna Tebbs-Young!

I am so happy to present this amazing guest post by superb writer, journal instructor, and blogger, Joanna Tebbs Young on the value of journaling with children. If you weren’t convinced before you will be now!! Also, be sure to check out tomorrow’s Wonder Wednesday post because Joanna has provided us with a great journaling

Summer Nature Journals

As summer approaches and schedules slow down, consider creating a summer nature journal practice with your children or journals to send home with your students to encourage a summer nature journaling practice. Nature journals is an age old method of connecting with place and the flora and fauna right outside your door. The journal can

Wonder Wednesday #8- Birdseed Bagels

Photo credit: Wonder Wednesday Bagel Bird Feeders Supplies: Nature journals, rulers, pencils and/or crayons Scissors and yarn Book: My First Book of Birds by Sharon Lovejoy, this is a great book because it is part bird fact book, part field guide, and part bird food recipe book! It is great just like all her other

New Nests

This week has been really interesting in my yard. There have been so many busy birds building their new spring nests. Yesterday, a beautiful male cardinal kept hopping on to one of my windows and looking in at me as he flittered about chipping to his partner. They were busily making a nest in the

Fall Nature Journals

Fall is a wonderful time to begin nature journaling. As the weather cools and the bugs become less intense, take some time to get outside at various times of day, alone or as a family, and record in words and pictures what you see, smell, hear, and taste in the natural world around you. You