Herb Studies Workshop

The new Herb Studies Workshop: Paint 3 Garden Herbs eCourse opens 9/1/15 – in a smidge less than 2 weeks!!! And I’ll be giving away 2 free spots in the workshop opening week, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter (to your right by my smiling face) and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @wingswormsandwonder so

Seed Swap: Months vs. Moments

What can you do today to make time for a moment in nature? Share in the comments below Share pics on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder   P.S.- Did you know that Maria Montessori studied with Tagore when she was exiled in India during WWII? P.P.S. Who is Tagore? An Indian poet and progressive educator who believed education

Transitions and Transformations

Transitions can sometimes be tough and this year’s winter/spring transition has been less than smooth for many with spring being such a tease and winter lingering. So instead of resisting, how about start exploring transition itself? Transitions and transformations can be incredibly interesting if we allow them to flow around us rather than being attached

Seed Swap: Bees and Sunbeams

Check out the pollen sacks on that lady! (Too sexist? I know, I just couldn’t resist) This month I have been hyper focusing on bees. I let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago and told y’all about my children’s book publishing contracts, but didn’t let on any details, well children’s book

The Seed Swap: You Tell Me!!

I was strolling (really tromping, but strolling sounds better, right?) around outside today and a thought came to me as I passed by this tree. First, I thought, wow what a weird tree. What is wrong with it? (Why should something be wrong with it because it has unusual features? That’s a whole other side

Summer Nature Journals

As summer approaches and schedules slow down, consider creating a summer nature journal practice with your children or journals to send home with your students to encourage a summer nature journaling practice. Nature journals is an age old method of connecting with place and the flora and fauna right outside your door. The journal can

Standards, or Lack Thereof

Over the course of the past year, and in my graduate work, I was asked if the lessons in Wings, Worms, and Wonder are aligned with the “Standards.” To this question I reply  a firm no. My choice to specifically not bring the “Standards” into things is one of philosophical and ethical roots. On one

Fall Nature Journals

Fall is a wonderful time to begin nature journaling. As the weather cools and the bugs become less intense, take some time to get outside at various times of day, alone or as a family, and record in words and pictures what you see, smell, hear, and taste in the natural world around you. You