Get some great tips for improving your nature photo taking skills! Click for Wings, Worms, and Wonder creative nature connection fun!

Nature Photo Tips with Amy Parmelee!

  Amy is back again this summer! She’s traveling and taking great photos along the way. Today she has some tips for how you can do the same while out on your summer adventures! She takes beautiful photos of my children’s garden workshops, so I am excited for her to offer some of here insight here

Let nature be your paintbrush! Learn how in this free tutorial. Just click through for the complete lesson!

Wonder Wednesday 39: Painting with Nature

This month, as everything from leaves to seeds to sticks fall from the trees, get out, get collecting, and have some fun painting with unconventional items! Then turn them into festive decor or even holiday cards depending on what colors you choose! Wonder Wednesday 39: Painting with Nature (All photos in this post taken by

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Connect with Creativity, Naturally

How do you creatively connect with nature? Is there even enough time in the day? Some days it seems like the answer is a giant NO! I think that making space in our lives for nature and creativity to fuel our sense of wonder is so important I came in person today! Check out today’s vlog!!!

deep into nature

Seed Swap: Look Deep Into Nature

No wonder he was a genius! Einstein truly understood the power of seeing nature, of observation, for understanding the world. When we can really see something, it can help us understand that thing’s role in the web of life, as well our role in relation. Here’s a peak at one of the Draw Yourself Back

Seed Swap: Wonder Vs. Knowledge

This chicken or egg type of dialogue is pretty hot in the world of environmental education right now as the SOLs enter outdoor learning, school gardens become increasingly popular, and doctors begin to prescribe nature as a remedy for a host of issues from obesity to ADD to Nature-deficit disorder. Will education environments begin to

Wonder and Other Survival Skills

When referring to everyday life, Orion nailed the phrase “wonder and other survival skills.” I really do believe that wonder is an important survival skill in modern life. It gives us strength to face overwhelming environmental issues, it gives us the ability to play, and it gives us the peace granting skill of connecting with place

Accounting for Environmental Generational Amnesia

I am glad you’re here today! I feel so strongly about the importance of this week’s topics and thank you for taking your valuable time to explore them with me and apply them to your teaching, parenting, advocation for and interactions with children. The foundations we preserve today will flourish in abundant biodiversity tomorrow. This