Discover the wonders in your own backyard with this guest post by Amy Parmelee! Click through for ideas and free printables!

What’s in Your Yard? Activity to do & Printables!

Today I am very happy to offer you this guest post by contributor Amy Parmelee!! From the backyard to the schoolyard to the neighborhood yard… I think this is a great activity and is easily adapted for school and community learning environments! And Amy even provided pdf printables of her Bio-inventory sheets to get you started!

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Seed Swap: Notice What You See

How much of what you see each day do you really notice? It’s tough with the zillions of distractions constantly pulling at our senses. The things in our everyday sight lines can get easily overlooked, but those things are some of the most important o notice. The song birds in our yards, the weeds in

Stick It To Summer This Year

How awesome was fort building over summer vacation? Pretty awesome, right? Remember getting together with the neighborhood kids at the perfect spot and working on the build together, for a few days or even weeks as the fort evolved with the needs of the new society that emerged within it. New towns would rise and

What is Solistalgia?

What is Solastalgia?

I am really excited about this week’s posts. I’m going to get heavy on you with something I am passionate about. Sometimes we have to face facts in order to face the work that needs to be done and to inspire us to keep on this path of fiercely protecting children’s right to a biodiverse

Nearby Nature, Teens, and Spring Kids

We know that a very important part of teaching children to be ecologically literate adults is to connect them to place and the natural world in childhood. This act includes providing children with opportunities to build relationships and bonds with natural areas that not only last a lifetime, but inspire a lifetime of caring for