Explore with Wings, Worms, and Wonder Schopenhauer's idea of how frightening aspects of nature can brings sublime awe. Click to hear my rattlesnake story!

Schopenhauer’s Nature: Fear, Beauty, and the Sublime

  Idyllic, picturesque, awe inspiring, sublime. The words running through my head as I gaze upon a pristine natural spring in the forest. Right up until I hear my sister-out-law say, “Y’all!!! I almost just stepped on a pygmy rattlesnake!!!!!” We snap out of, “yay! a weekend getaway at a beautiful spring cabin,” mode and into hyper responsible

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Winter Fun Everyday – Think Like Norwegians!

So how about last week’s winter storm? We got about 7 inches of snow and temps haven’t broken 15˚F in days. No biggie for y’all Canadians and Norwegians, but funny enough that shuts down the southeast states. Although I live in Florida the other 3 seasons, I grew up in Virginia and love winter & snow,