Discover a world outside the bounds of time and space while connecting to place with Wings, Worms, and Wonder, through the photographs of Erik Johansson!

Magic, Imagination, & Place: The Work of Erik Johansson

  “For me, creating an image is like creating a place. A place that feels familiar, but with a twist that causes the viewer to stop short.” ~ Erik Johansson Place connection is something I feature fairly often as it applies to nature journaling and connection. It’s something we as humans long for, but can seem

Microscopes as Art Tools? Yes!

When I was young, I really liked microscopes. I had one, a little more than a toy, but definitely made for children, that I used to have fun exploring with and making my own slides of things I found. One year when teaching full time, a classroom parent I had really wanted us to have a

Go Explore Nature

Today I want to share the blog Go Explore Nature with you for a couple reasons: 1 it is awesome and chock full of great ideas for home and school, 2 it has regular seasonal outdoor activities that keep the kids returning to nature to participate in, 3 a recent post is the perfect follow-up