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Migrating like a Monarch

“Best of all, I shall remember the monarchs…” Rachel Carson I think many would agree with Ms. Carson. Maybe monarch butterflies are so well loved because they are many people’s intro into the world of butterflies. Maybe it’s because their lifecycle seems so magically mysterious or maybe it’s simply because who doesn’t like butterflies? They eat

trillium Big Nature COnnections In Small Spaces by Kelly Johnson (1)

Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces

Want to create big nature connections but short on outdoor space? Get some great ideas in the post Big Nature Connections in Small Spaces I wrote for the Trillium Montessori blog!! And there’s also a freebie!!!

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The Sky is Falling!!! Let’s Make Wishes

Well, not really, but the Perseid Meteor shower is starting! This meteor shower brings back some of my fondest memories. I’ve watched it from a boat off the coast of Panama with family, on the east coast of Jamaica with best friends (that might as well be family), from the back field of a first love‘s mom’s

Seed Swap: Must We Feed the Mosquitos?

Or must we? I think not!! I have heard many views on mosquitos from yogis opting for never smashing them when they bite you to the kill ’em all approach of the mosquito spray planes. Do you agree with spraying insecticides from trucks and planes? I feel there must be a better way to prevent

Yikes!! A Blood Moon?

Did anyone get up and see the lunar eclipsed blood moon? (Also called pink moon, but blood moon is so much more dramatic!) It is Monday afternoon now as I write, but I am planning on it. While getting up at 3am to go outside is exactly not what I am going to want to

Seed Swap: One Adult is All They Need

This is one of my favorite quotes. I feel like it is so important to remember as adults, parents, and educators. The smallest experiences (or judgements) can make the biggest impressions on children, for the better or the worse. You may be a child’s only nature loving adult companion. Make the outdoor experiences you create

Let Them Love Nature

I have had so many amazing experiences and interactions in the past month that I can hardly decide where to begin writing!! So I stared thinking about what the essence of these experiences was and what in particular made them so inspiring and it all boils down to the sense of wonder. Then I thought-