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3 Creativity Boosts: Art, Chocolate, and Nature

This month is super creative.   I love how in December people really embrace creativity and bringing nature inside – from lights and ribbons to trees, garlands, wreaths, and poinsettias, when we bring nature inside we fill life with inspiration! It’s all about festive holiday gifts and decorations, cooking, and celebrating the changes in nature and solstice. Have you

Perfectly Palatable Pumpkins!

I wish I could start off this post cheering you on to pumpkin seed sprouting activities to celebrate the fall season, but sadly that wouldn’t be setting you, or the children, up for success. Fall is harvest time for this tasty treat. Aren’t these little pie pumpkin sprouts cute?! (Photo credit I really had to

A Barrage of Borage

What on Earth is borage you may be thinking, or maybe you’re thinking duh, borage, no big deal. While I had heard the name, I had no idea how interesting this herb was until I discovered it planted in the children’s garden*. I had a vague memory of a friend telling me she had planted