The power of sharing story, nature and flow is the strength behind the book Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul. Click for review of Sheri McGregor's new book!

Nature’s Healing Spirit

Life is nature. Nature is life. Full of cycles and seasons, births, blooms, growth, high tides, storms, struggle, low tides, deaths, but a sunrise always follows a sunset. With every sunrise and moonrise, the cycle begins again. Each day offers get a chance to start fresh and try again. A new day is nature’s do-over.    

Eco Etsy Review!!

I am absolutely over the moon about this review. Well, it could be because it is my first review, but that aside, I am thrilled that it was conducted by Etsy’s EcoEtsy Team! What an honor! Team EcoEtsy describes themselves “As a global team of eco-minded Etsy sellers, our mission is dedicated to protecting our planet by

Feedback, Consignment, and Have You Planted Any Seeds Yet?

I would like to extend a big thanks for all the great feedback I have received so far on the guide. I am so happy to learn that it is inspiring and useful to those who have read it so far. I wanted to share an example form a 4th grade teacher from Palm Beach