Celebrate the darkest nights with the grounding of stones and handwork! Click for the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Stone Wrapping Wonder Wednesday 101 Activity!

Wonder Wednesday 101: Winter Solstice Stone Wraps

  Wonder Wednesday one-oh-one, well doesn’t that just have a brilliant alliteration ring to it! Here we are flying to the winter solstice. As per usual, this is our only December post, so it is both inspiration and activity. As we round out this year of unprecedented upheaval, I don’t know about you, but I sure could

National Public Lands Day in Colorado Springs

Sunrise at the Garden of the Gods, in front of Pike’s Peak That’s right, Colorado Springs. That’s where I was last weekend. The reason for me being in such an unexpected place was a good friend’s wedding, and I have to admit I did no research and knew nothing about that place except for the