Use your sense of wonder to seek, find, and draw intangible nature findings in this Wonder Wednesday 75 activity and printable by Wings, Worms, and Wonder!

Wonder Wednesday 75: Wonder Seek and Find

  Happy Wonder Wednesday 75! We’re in the home stretch of 2018, and as the days of the year and the length of daylight dwindle here in the northern hemisphere, it can be tough to squeeze nature time into the daylight hours. So to help you fit some creative nature time into the day, I created

Listen for nature's whispers, seeks nature's signs, and learn to read the book of nature with this Wings, Worms, and Wonder Wonder Wednesday Nature's Signs Scavenger Hunt Activity! Click to join the fun and get your printable!

Wonder Wednesday 67: Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt with PDF!

  It’s officially spring now in the northern hemisphere, and officially autumn in the southern. This means lots of changes are afoot in nature. So what better time to get out and listen for nature’s whispers, seeks nature’s signs, and learn to read the book of nature. It offers so much information about our local world!

ww32 treasure graphic

Wonder Wednesday #32: Nature Connection Treasure Hunt

The treasures that nature offers us everyday, in big and small ways, are some of life’s most precious! Concrete and abstract, when we tune in to nature’s wonders we get a life filled with treasure. That is why I created this Nature Connection Treasure Hunt for my Draw Yourself Back to Nature Blog Hop, and

Wonder Wednesday #12: Connecting to Place through Scavenging

Scavenging? This month I want to get you out and exploring place because with school starting, we are all in a new place of some sort, so what better way to get to know place and each other than through a scavenger hunt!! Wonder Wednesday #12: Place-based Scavenger Hunt Research Project This isn’t your average