Combine nature journaling and gardening in this fun Wonder Wednesday seed strip activity! Click through to get the full instructions, free from Wings, Worms, and Wonder!

Wonder Wednesday 44: Seed Tapes

It’s time to seed and plant¬†spring gardens pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere and in many places in the southern, you can still plant fall crops too. So this month we are making seed tapes! It is cheap to do, easy to prepare, and fun for all! ¬†I’ve been doing this project in my

pick 3 webgraphic

To Pick or Not To Pick: a mini-course in harvesting, Part 3, Storing

You now have an understanding of basic more obviously visual harvesting signs and some of the more subtle signs that come from experience. Because of your super harvesting skills, you have more produce than you can eat in a week and your friends will disown you if you bring them anymore__________(fill in the blank with

Share a Seed

Share and Share alike. That’s what we were taught and it’s no different when it comes to seeds! Dried fennel seeds from last fall. As the ground warms and you are getting inspired to plan out your spring planting plan, round up some friends and have a seed swap. You could swap seeds you saved