Seed Swap: Look Deep Into Nature

No wonder he was a genius! Einstein truly understood the power of seeing nature, of observation, for understanding the world. When we can really see something, it can help us understand that thing’s role in the web of life, as well our role in relation. Here’s a peak at one of the Draw Yourself Back

53 Senses?!!?

But I thought we had 5 senses? Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing? No? Not according to Michael J. Cohen, and if you think about it, I bet you can remember times when you knew, interpreted, or input some information in a way that didn’t use the standard 5 senses that Aristotle theorized. In his

Wonder Wednesday #25: Color Wheels of Nature

Wonder Wednesday #25: Nature’s Color Wheel  Happy Wonder Wednesday!  This Wonder Wednesday is extra special because I’m posting a lesson from my book! The Community Playthings blog is featuring an article I wrote on the importance of nature, art, and color for sparking wonder in childhood that includes the Nature’s Color Wheel lesson, and I want to share it with you! Early childhood

Seed Swap: Months vs. Moments

What can you do today to make time for a moment in nature? Share in the comments below Share pics on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder   P.S.- Did you know that Maria Montessori studied with Tagore when she was exiled in India during WWII? P.P.S. Who is Tagore? An Indian poet and progressive educator who believed education

Time for Wonder

If you follow Wings, Worms, and Wonder on social media, especially Instagram, you may be up on all the caterpillar action around my house. It’s gulf fritillary galore around here. The past month I’ve luckily played host to about 20 caterpillars, 4 of which made it to chrysalis state, and 3 so far who have

The Sky is Falling!!! Let’s Make Wishes

Well, not really, but the Perseid Meteor shower is starting! This meteor shower brings back some of my fondest memories. I’ve watched it from a boat off the coast of Panama with family, on the east coast of Jamaica with best friends (that might as well be family), from the back field of a first love‘s mom’s

Seed Swap: What Makes Your Eyes Glitter?

Which of nature’s secret wonders make your eyes glitter? Share with us in the comments below! For me it’s growing food, wild bees, manatee, snowflakes, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, tropical fruit, and exploring nature with children (and maybe a giant peach or two!). Glitter galore!! Remember the Teacher Appreciation Week sale! Just type

Yikes!! A Blood Moon?

Did anyone get up and see the lunar eclipsed blood moon? (Also called pink moon, but blood moon is so much more dramatic!) It is Monday afternoon now as I write, but I am planning on it. While getting up at 3am to go outside is exactly not what I am going to want to

Seed Swap: One Adult is All They Need

This is one of my favorite quotes. I feel like it is so important to remember as adults, parents, and educators. The smallest experiences (or judgements) can make the biggest impressions on children, for the better or the worse. You may be a child’s only nature loving adult companion. Make the outdoor experiences you create

We Are Rare and Precious

“We are rare and precious because we are alive… We are privileged to live, to influence and control our future. We have an obligation to fight for that life, to struggle not just for ourselves, but for all those creatures that came before us, and to whom we are beholden, and for all those who, if