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My 5 Fave Art Tools for Travel & a Printable for You!

Summer is a popular time for vacations, obviously, and I am actually on a flight returning from one right now! So as nature journalers and artistic nature connectors, what do you pack to creatively connect with nature while you travel? I compiled a list of my fave 5 things to bring and made a little PDF

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Sepctrum 2016 Interview!

This week there’s lots of exciting creative nature connection fun going on here as we really get close to the live sessions, artist interview series, and opening day of Draw Deeper Into Nature! BUT, before that happens May 23, Spectrum 2016 begins (yesterday actually!!) and I am so honored to not only have been featured as a

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The Spectrum 2016 Winner!

The winner of my Spectrum 2016 blog-hop give-away pass is Sherry! Congratulations! Hali Karla Arts will be contacting you this week about your free pass to Spectrum 2016. Sherry commented, “My favorite shape in nature is really the winding trails I walk down as they disappear around a bend. I’m always so excited to see

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Wonder Wednesday 41: Nature Writing

Since being in VA, I’ve been hanging around with my 3 year old nephew a lot. He’s gotten into dictating stories. About the scene above he dictated: “He’s a farmer because he’s just a farmer. He’s planting flowers in the snow. His farm is right there and he has animals. I think that’s all I

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Seed Swap: Focus

How true is this! The ways we “see” are so influenced by the lenses through which we look. Wouldn’t life be more fun if we kept our imagination lenses in focus a bit more of the time? Let your creative side shine in 2016!! What seeds of creativity will you let sprout this year? Let’s swap

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Win: Spectrum 2016!

You’re probably thinking it’s Thursday, why is she posting? Well, I have some exciting news to share today! I have been waiting so long to post officially this and get y’all in on the fun! I am going to be a guest teacher in the Hali Karla Arts Spectrum 2016 course this year – and I