This Wonder Wednesday, I offer you the easiest gardening around, re-grow gardening! It's great to do at home, school, or in summer camp!

Wonder Wednesday 46: Re-grow Gardening

Happy Wonder Wednesday #46!! It’s been a great month seeing so much creative nature connection happening in the facilitated Draw Deeper Into Nature eCourse while¬†watching the seasons change from spring to summer. Did you celebrate summer solstice last week? & How about all the ideas from the Summer Fun Series? I hope you’ve been enjoying

Wonder Wednesday #33: Up-cycled Sprouting

This lesson makes a great indoor garden learning activity for the end of school, a summer camp project, or for simply celebrating summer gardening itself! And it teaches ideas about recycling and upcycling as a bonus! The CD cases act as little greenhouses for sprouting the seeds. Use this project to enhance seed studies, sprouting observation

Wonder Wednesday #30: Tiny Sprout Gardens

This winter has been more than fully expressed in many places this year, so if you live somewhere that is more white than green these days, this month’s activity goes out to you! It may be monochromatic, but you have to admit, even if you are totally over snow and ice, it is really beautiful.

Wonder Wednesday #10: From Kitchen Scraps to Sprouts

This one is an oldie but goodie and can be done any time of year indoors or out. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, it never fails to impress when a kitchen scrap sprouts up into a new plant! It can also be an experiential initial lesson for discussions on plant physiology, sprouting, and anatomy.