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Tea for Two: Ritual & Creativity + a Printable for You!

  Tea, like creativity, is a ritual. The preparation, the smell, the kettle, the cup, the spot we sit and sip, it all adds to the experience. It’s a small part of the day, but when small things are done with mindfulness they can be rituals that bring joy to the routine. Ritual also brings motivation and inspiration

This Wonder Wednesday 64 activity completes the Winter Solstice Adventure series! Click to head out into the trees to brew your own evergreen solstice tea!

Wonder Wednesday 64: Evergreen Solstice Tea!

  Did you check out yesterday’s post for 7 ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice? Well, today’s Wonder Wednesday 64 activity completes the Solstice Adventure series!  This month we head out into the trees to make evergreen tea! I love all kinds of tea as much as I love chocolate, so I am especially excited

Drink Your Yard!

Last Friday I was spontaneously invited to a tea workshop out at Fruit Cove Cactus and Foliage, better known locally as Eat Your Yard Jax, the farm of north Florida local food advocate and urban farmer force of nature Tim Armstrong. I have been wanting to get out there for years, literally, so this was

Coffee, Not My Cup of Tea

  I hope I don’t alienate myself with this statement, but as sacrilegious as it may be to some, I don’t like coffee. There, it’s out in the open now. It’s not the flavor per say, but it makes me really jittery and sweaty (which isn’t very attractive). Black tea does the same thing. I