Wonder and Wander the book is almost here! Get the details on the Wonder Wednesday live and giveaway as well as summer art classes at Flow Studio!

Wander through June in Wonder!

  School is out (or nearly out), summer is officially around the corner and I imagine everyone is ready for the nostalgia that summer brings –watermelon, ocean breezes, and bare feet. Summer is amazing. It affords us the time to explore ideas and projects that we put off during the school year. It also offers

Get your copy of the new Wings, Worms, and Wonder book - Wonder and Wander: An Early Childhood Nature Connection Guide!

Wonder and Wander: An Early Childhood Nature Connection Guide

Click here to get your copy of the book Wonder and Wander!  Do You: Spend your days with children under age 6? Want to engage young children with the wonders of their natural world? Need tips and tricks for building your confidence to be outdoors with infants and toddlers? Seek child tested and parent/teacher approved

To celebrate the upcoming release of Wonder and Wander, this Wonder Wednesday's activity is a sneak peak version of one of the activities in the book!

Wonder Wednesday 69: Wondering & Wandering

  Happy Wonder Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram (@wingswormsandwonder) you’ve seen at least one of the many new illustrations I’ve posted each day from my upcoming book Wonder and Wander: An Early Childhood Nature Connection Activity Guide!     I’m super excited about the fact that Wonder and Wander is nearly a reality! It’s been

Sensorial Experiences

  I think that one of the most fun things to do in the garden is to create sensory exploration activities, hands down. They are so simple, yet create such as great impact on all age groups of children. I love to watch children taste an herb such as stevia and see the look of