Grow a tiny quarantine garden this Wonder Wednesday 92 with pretty cup sleeves in 4 easy Wings, Worms, and Wonder steps!

Wonder Wednesday 92: 4 Step Flower Pot

  It’s a double activity month! Since so many of us are staying home, I thought hey, I’ll share some of the things I’ve been doing to stay creatively engaged with nature with 2 activities this month- and flowers are a big part of that! Plus, it’s kids gardening month, so this activity fits great with that


Wonder Wednesday #33: Up-cycled Sprouting

This lesson makes a great indoor garden learning activity for the end of school, a summer camp project, or for simply celebrating summer gardening itself! And it teaches ideas about recycling and upcycling as a bonus! The CD cases act as little greenhouses for sprouting the seeds. Use this project to enhance seed studies, sprouting observation