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Circles and Cycles in Life and Nature

  Happy New Year everyone! And happy Wonder Wednesday!   This is the first blog post on the new twice monthly Wednesday posting schedule. It feels a little weird for me after posting on Tuesdays for the past 5.5 years, but weird is okay because growing is great! When I started¬†this website and blog, I

Seed Swap: If We Had No Winter…

It’s the dead of winter, or so the saying goes. How are you feeling? Have you gotten out your seed catalogues yet? Did you use last week’s download to start planning your spring garden? Are you too snowed under to even think about gardening and just want to get out and hit the slopes or

We Are Rare and Precious

“We are rare and precious because we are alive… We are privileged to live, to influence and control our future. We have an obligation to fight for that life, to struggle not just for ourselves, but for all those creatures that came before us, and to whom we are beholden, and for all those who,¬†if

Frosty Florida and Prizes!?

Windy Winter Beach Morning Ever since I returned to Florida, I’ve had a little trouble finding inspiration for posts. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write them, my wonder has just been slightly dim. I’ve had some great things happen professionally, like meeting David Sobel and him asking me to sign a book for

Icy Winter Wonder

“…it is not half so important to know as to feel.” Rachel Carson Underground ice crystals are something that have my sense of wonder captured. I guess, technically, they are more embedded in the soil than underground, but the fact that you often have to disturb the soil or mud to discover them makes them