Wonder Wednesday #25: Color Wheels of Nature

Wonder Wednesday #25: Nature’s Color Wheel  Happy Wonder Wednesday!  This Wonder Wednesday is extra special because I’m posting a lesson from my book! The Community Playthings blog is featuring an article I wrote on the importance of nature, art, and color for sparking wonder in childhood that includes the Nature’s Color Wheel lesson, and I want to share it with you! Early childhood

Wonder Wednesday 24: UpCycled Seed Starter Pots

It’s Wonder Wednesday #24!!!! Hooray!! Late August brings daydreams of fall planting  and what better way to get your fall seeds started than with these easy upcycled starter pots. Free for you and good for the earth too! And tomorrow is the official launch of the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards, double hooray!!! Two

Wonder Wednesday #23: Figgy Fun Easy Summer Recipe!

Wonder Wednesday #23:Figgy Fun Easy Summer Recipe!!  Happy Wonder Wednesday!  We are in the thick of summer and that means it is time for fruit picking! Hooray for peaches, blueberries, blackberries and figs!!! YUUUUUMM! I love picking fruits in the summer and making cobblers and crumbles and especially putting them over homemade ice cream. So this month, Wonder Wednesday celebrates summer’s

Wonder Wednesday #22: Mud Mania!!

Happy Wonder Wednesday! School is out and it’s time to play!! June is a great time to get outdoors at a relaxed pace just for the fun of it. Did you officially join the 30 Day Nature Challenge or have you just been enjoying nature on your own schedule? I’ve been having fun with the challenge as I’ve traveled

Wonder Wednesday 21: Natural Insect Repellent

Happy almost summertime Wonder Wednesday!! School’s out (or nearly out) for summer which = summer bugs. Lightening bugs, cicadas, love bugs, and lady bugs, yes, but the dreaded no-see-ums and mosquitos too. Don’t let those little blood sucking scoundrels keep you from enjoying the garden in the early mornings and evenings! Keep them at bay

Wonder Wednesday # 20 – Tree Tagging

Gardening and connecting with nature is often a doorway into community and place connections. Connection is one of the many things I love about gardening! It seems the more you connect with one thing, the more doors open for a world of different connections on our earthly web. So in that vein of an idea,

Wonder Wednesday #19: Tea for the Tufted Titmouse

Whether spring has arrived and the birds are migrating or it is still winter and birds need accessible food, this project fits the bill, or should I say beak since we’re talking songbirds! Suet teacup bird feeders are perfect additions to the garden, adding beauty, up-cycled whimsy, and function. A triple threat! Suet is a hearty food perfect

Seed Swap: Snowbow? Prove it!

The other day circumstance brought the idea of a snowbow to my mind for, surprisingly, the first time. We all know that if it rains and the sun comes out there is a good chance of seeing a rainbow, but what about if it is snowing and the sun comes out? Will there be a

Wonder Wednesday #17: Pocket Nature Journal Video!

Wonder Wednesday #17: Pocket Nature Journal Video! Happy Wonder Wednesday! To kick off the first Wonder Wednesday of the new year, I thought I’d do something fun, so I made you a video tutorial for creating a one page pocket nature journal for easy on the go documentation of your world! Open access to this

Wonder Wednesday #15: Create a Bucket Garden! by Sun Grove Montessori

Happy Wonder Wednesday #15!! I know you are all excited to make your own bucket planters after yesterday’s guest post! So a big thank you goes out to the adolescent program students of Sun Grove Montessori School for sharing their project with us! Normally they sell these as a fundraiser for their class trips, so